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Reviews Section
Tharsis Gate by Knil

Tharsis Gate rocks.  Sure, all my characters get wiped, but that's because I'm a very abusive person.  We have a lot of great players and even more amazing Wizards who are the admin and policy enforcers.  The other day I logged in on a new character and I was banned on site, right after someone shouted "Siteban that llama!"  I laughed of course because I deserved it, for yelling "STFU" 20 times in a row on the 'shout' communications channel, which is normally reserved for terrible emergencies on the game.  Some of the wonderful wizards on the game are Puma, a very loving and benevolent she-male who is very forgiving about most casual indiscretions that occur on the game.  Pyro is always there and available to fix any problems that pop up, in a matter of seconds they are always repaired.  Fantom is never idling, always ready to help.  Elffy is always eager to lend a wet mouth to any needy appendage.  The players are also quite amazing.  We have a toothless brit named Pikachu who will help you get gear, for a price.  He likes football and stripping on webcam.  Metallica has a really high level based on a bunch of cheap skills, he's about as strong as a wet paper bag, but he's pretty nice, he'll give your relationship advice, although he lives with his grandmother.  Smokedragon is rarely around because he tends to go clubbing at a lot of the male stripping hot spots in Australia, but when he is there, using his druid powers he can summon enough sheep to keep everyone rocking all night long.  Poeun is a potty mouthed outspoken girly man, but he's funny to listen to, and he loves to cyber, private chat with him is really satisfying.  Issac has a really high score, because he botted every level his character has, he's basically the king of the botters, although Max the Monkey is getting close these days to Issac's botting supremecy.  Jinx is a pot smoking cheato eating druid character and his woman plays the game and she has a nice rack, I know, I've seen it.  Needless to say his computer keyboard is orange and his lungs are blackened, but he's a decent guy.  Minion is a thief character and he never wants to play with anyone, he's quite the loner.  He is always willing to talk about his penis or someone's buttocks on the communication channels and he loves to be disgusting and gross.  God help you if you take guild gear from the thief box or steal his gear from something he is killing because he will rant and rave for 10 hours in a row, I swear.  I would have to say probably the best player overall in the game is this fellow named Galvan, a druid character, he also plays on another character named Edudlil, both are basically the strongest players of their respective guilds.  Galvan is basically the God of Tharsis Gate so if you ever need anything, you just look to him, unless he doesn't answer, in which case he is not ignoring you, you just aren't important enough to talk to.  The two worst players on the game are Brass and Eminem.  Thankfully they are usually too busy playing 'hide the sausage' with one another to be here on the game playing, because they are annoying, and quite frankly, they suck.  Basically, you need to come play Tharsis Gate right now, if you have any arguments about it, STFU!!!