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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Karinal

Join the Saga really is 3 different games, Otherspace, Chiaroscuro, and Star Wars: Reach of the Empire so I'll write reviews for each individually.


I really enjoy this game. The players and staff are friendly and helpful and their are a ton of options for your character. As this game has been around for many years it has a well established background and numerous logs to give you an idea what to expect in the game. The theme and setting are also well written and the creator is a published author.


By far my favorite of the three. There are three main areas but the one that is most played is Fastheld so I will restrict my comments to what I have seen there. The character creation is simple and there is an effective tutorial introducing you to the game's primary commands. A friendly, active staff makes new players feel welcome and is very helpful. Once you are in the game you find a well built world with a fascinating history created by Wes Platt (the creator of all three JTS games). The players are friendly and finding someone to roleplay with is no trouble at all.


Simply put, this game is awful. With the smallest player base of all the games and the least friendly staff, I cannot recommend this one. They will tell you that your character will be approved in under 48 hours, what they mean is that approval will occur exactly 48 hours after you apply. The game's history is divergent in MANY ways from normal Star Wars and you are expected to know all the differences when writing your required background. No problem except they don't bother updating the history when major things change. Looking at their website you would think the Empire rules right? Wrong! The Emperor is dead and the Deathstar destroyed. Where is this information? In a couple of hard to read logs on their now defunct forums.

Once you finally get approved, then you can enter the game universe and meet the terrible players that lurk within. Every possible variation of the angsty loner bounty hunter can be found wherever you go. If that's the type of character you like playing, tough. The older players will just smack you around and then call you a whinner if you complain, and the staff will just tell you that you shouldn't try to be a combat character. The only problem is that there is virtually NO roleplay in SW:ROE that doesn't turn into combat thanks to the gun happy older players.

Want to be a Jedi? According to the staff, only experienced players who prove they are mature roleplayers get to be Jedi. What this really means is that you have to be friends with the staff and they make you a Jedi when they decide they need another combat monster running around. Then these "mature and experienced" jedi run around in a pack doing whatever they want because no one except the staff can stop them.


Play either Otherspace or Chiaroscuro as they are deep, enjoyable MUSHes with friendly staff and players. Avoid SW:ROE at all costs.