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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Sergeytov

I've been playing on Otherspace for about four years. So I've come to enjoy playing there for the most part.

Character creation is pretty simple. Right now the system has various levels to it, for those who want to commit more or less to creation. Most of this work is in describing who your character is, what they believe, and what their past was like.

For those who are new or less familiar with the original theme, creation is pretty simple. You can choose your character's race, gender, career and a brief blurb about your character and be set up ready to go relatively quickly. The career options offered cover the most commonly played occupations that other players will find useful, which helps new players get roleplay to start out with.

For those who want a character with an occupation that is not listed, or want a character more experienced, or anything all that much out of the norm, a more in depth biography is required. This is where you write about your character's past, their values goals and so forth. Where the basic character generation makes sure the player has thought about the character a little, the full bio character generation usually requires a lot more thematic knowledge.

Fortunately, for those who want to look for thematic knowledge it is easy enough to find. There are IC News files (which are archived up to 2 years back as of this writing, so new players can see what has happened if they want to go back that far) which keep everyone up to date pretty well. There is also a 'Survivor's Guide' which introduces much of the MUSH's theme well enough. A couple disadvantages to getting information are set in the fact that things change so fast some information in the guide can be out of date (the IC news is kept up to date very well), the guide isn't inaccurate, it's that things keep happening so the latest update isn't always there. It's a primer to the MUSH though, not a one stop shop for information. Along with this there are several newbie helper types so that questions can be answered at most hours of the day. Thematic information is pretty easy to come by, and should someone be stumped to help, they can usually point in the right direction as to who to ask.

As for actually playing: The great majority of the players I've interacted with are very friendly and willing to help new players. Some are better at assisting new players than others, but as a collective effort the job is rather well done.

The staff is overall quite helpful. They often run a large TP and several run smaller individual TPs. The staff is also pretty supportive of player run TPs as well. This is the source of the rather constant change. If you're willing to keep up, it's great. Unfortunately if you're a more occassional player, this will mean most of your time when you are on is either spent catching up or being isolated from the MUSH at large. I've had times when I'm gone for a week, return and think 'wow, I've missed a lot!' Stuff keeps happening, so if you like a more static envirorment Otherspace might not be your thing. If you're an off hours player, (Europe or unable to log on from 8-midnight EST, I'm a 9pm-midnight EST player myself) you can still have quite a bit of fun playing. My available times makes it so I can't take part in most of the TPs that go on (outside of those I run), but I'm still able to get involved with activity and even influence some of the larger events.

There isn't a lot of code, and what code is there is meant to help facilitate roleplaying. There isn't any crafting or quests to do, but what code exists is pretty clean (with those bugs found usually cleared up quickly) and facilitates the roleplaying. The coolest part is that the amount of code a new player needs to know or use isn't all that much compared to other places I have played. We have a skills system, a space travel system and some economic systems, but in my four years I've found the need to use heavily coded systems minimal. My only complaint about code is how I would like more economic systems, but I am the MUSH's resident economics/business guru so it's a personal thing. :> I've found that I have been able to successfully operate an IC business with a lack of code, which speaks well for the code that is there facilitating RP and for how excess code is often left out.

For those who want to put a serious effort into roleplaying, or are willing to learn, Otherspace might just be a good choice for you to try out. It's not for everyone, but I've come to enjoy the roleplaying there.