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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Thunder Lord

[I wrote this note to everyone who I play with. I was told to post it as a review]
I have reached the big two four of hours played and this is what I have experienced with Armageddon.
You learn to hate elves.
You learn to fear Templars.
You feel suspense from every moment even the simple ones.
You fall inlove with the woman.
you feel regret when you sell out your friends. You are joyed when you make a new friend.
You are lifted to a good mood when you drink!
Text based music forms into sweet sound within your head.
the death of your friend breaks your heart.
The moments of dispair fill you with faithlessness as you fight to survive.

What other game can actually make you feel any emotion?

OHHH I am on my first character, and I anticipate the drama of my character's death. It will be tragic because when I play I feel like I -am- my character. No book can do such things.

And when my character's death arrives I will sigh as my thoughts billow with my character's experiences.  And when that time comes I will turn the last page of my character's chaper in the book of Armageddon and soon after, begin the next.

Anyway, I love the slaving immortals who work to make this game that I enjoy so much.  I love my fellow players who participate in RP.  I love the helpers and everyone else who took the time to get me started.  I love the players who did not flip out at me as I first learned how to use emote correctly.  
The wealth of documentation is amazing. Without it, I would be utterly lost. Thanks for gathering all that information, it really really helps. And it feels like I actually know what I am doing!  

Anyway, to all who make this work of art everything that it is: Thank you.