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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Zarathustra

  been on this mud since 1999. Been as high as lord and have to say six years later it still grips me. The lvl variety is good, though in fairness hero can be a little tedious. However if you want to 'play' your character it is fun. There is always a challenge, ie a mob or player higher and more experienced than you. Or a lvl you eventually can't seem to get past, but the gameplay ensures you stay and persevere. The races have undergone the most change since i started, some of the best have been changed so that only high ranking players can use em, but as everyone eventually gets BIG this isn't a barrier and actually rewards longstanding players. There have been a number of new races introduced for all lvls and I have to say they are well worth it; yes I have tested most so not empty words.
The part 'I' enjoy most about Avatar is the other players, in short they are nuts! I mean this in the most pleasant manner. Mud humour grips you soon enough and there is a healthy sense of community.
Role playing deserves mention here, it's not as encouraged as you may expect but it certainly isn't frowned upon. From the new players who log in with grand ideas, to the Imms there is a healthy and tasteful element of roleplay.
Well, i'll keep it short, but, try when creating a character to remember, your first will probably be poor due only to your lack of experience, however learn from mistakes and your second char will be all the better, not to mention more fun. Oh and at character creation try to think outside the box. Not saying how that's for you to work out :P

Regards Zara....