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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by c mason

I hesitate to respond again, but I feel that I must do so.  It was charged that I made assumptions about the mud, or that I only went to level 2 and then quit.  However, it has been assumptions about my remarks which are in error.  I commented about my experience, to which people replied that it must have been because of something I have done.  Could I not have merely had a bad experience?  Or is it such that anyone who does not enjoy RoD as much as you must not have been really trying?  Or that they did not give it a fair shot?

I did advance beyond level 2.  I just made a commment about what happened while I was at level 2. You assumed that was as far as I had leveled.

Again, I offered that I am sure that RoD is a very competent MUD, as evidenced by the number of people that play it.  But, as this is a section for reviews, I feel I am well within my rights to explain how I feel about my experience of RoD.  You may apologize and make excuses for RoD if you wish, but I will appreciate it if you refrain from assuming any more about my actions.  I have been mudding for 5 years and building for 3 and am quite competent when it comes to understanding how a MUD works.