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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Eowor

This mud is dying. Writing this i will elaborate so that there is no misunderstanding. The greatest strength of this mud is its origonality. There is much to explore and to do. Puzzles, quests, hack-and-slash and more await all who log in to play. However, this is the trouble as in order to enjoy this mud one MUST log in to play and in doing so will be imediately confronted with piss-poor managment whose magnanimous egos are equally balanced only by their failure to provide adequate service and fair play. Reading these reviews shows that the mud has a following of players over the last 5 or 6 years. What one can not discern is that they ENTIRE player base consists of these SAME players. To be honest i do not know which is more pathetic: a poorly run mud or an unwaivering group of individuals that support a poorly run mud.

Ok, lets begin with the synopsis. The "owner" and head administrator does NOT give a damn about this mud. It can survive or it can fail as far as he is concerned. His self-deprecating girlfriend who is an encyclopedia of mental illness runs the mud with an 'F U' attitude. However the real villian of this story is Zaknafein that has complete administrative privlidges but does not have an admin level. It is his decisions, code changes, and impromptu regulatory actions that set the day to day tone of the mud. It is my guess that if it were not for this fellow the mud might have a chance at growth and prosperity.

Bottom line: if you like to be abused and subjugated to illogical policies and whims while you adventure then this is the mud for you.

x2t !! 55w !! isdayolemsay !! h8c !! g3t