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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Celeborn (Head coder of DL)

Hi there, my name is Celeborn, and I have been one of the main imms on Dark Legacy from the beginning. Iíve tried to take an unbiased view of Dark Legacy, as far as that is possible. :)

On the positive side, compared to the former mud I immed on I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of DL immensely, part of which is result of less strict rules and the usage of ĎCaretakersí instead of immortals. Recently we replaced the stock academy with a great interactive newbie area that should make its builder proud (thanks Ruarc! :). DL provides both a hack and roleplay environment, especially with the permadeath characters, multiclassing, and working (tailoring, inventing, etc) skills. Castle and Guild code are my favourite parts of DL, which allow players to build their own castle or guildtower including traps, room descriptions and furniture. Players can make guilds on their own, customising anything from ranks to skills. Guild shops and guild houses are also possible, enough places to spend your gold. The new website turned out quite nice, with a manual and several clients.

On the negative side, the number of players online may be low outside peak hours which makes it hard to make new players feel welcome and build a bigger pbase. The mud hasnít reached it final form in both code and areas, so it shifts form pretty quickly. I often have the feeling DLís account system may be a bit too confusing. DL offers no extra Classes and Races beyond the stock ones. DL still has some stock areas and the helpfiles are polluted here and there.

Anyway, there are enough points to improve. Take a peek at the website, Iím confident you will enjoy it. ;)