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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Dakkon

Epic adventures of our times have struck us and amazed us. From Wizards like Gandalf to plain farm girls like Paksennarion and the immense expanse of the Belgariad we have all read or engrossed ourselves upon excitement and the unknown.

The world of fantasy in words, laid out in intricate detail for us to watch and see, to experience and breath. But, from the moment Garion set upon his quest, or Gandalf, or Frodo, or Paks, or whatever character you have ever read about, their destiny was sealed.

Each word might have allowed you to watch the adventure, but it did not put you in it.

Armageddon does not leave you out.

The sands are death, intelligent cultures and creatures struggle to survive from one corner to the next, resources are low, and water is sought with desperation. The world is there, living and breathing, intricate and impressive like the most fantastic stories you have ever read there is adventure, friends, laughter, but also conflict, danger, and magic.

Imagine for a moment if you could step into the series of books that have given you excitement and love for reading and experiencing adventure. Imagine if you could be part of the story, if you could be the honest merchant, the decrepit beggar, the one eyed mercenary, and change the world, change the story.

This is not a place to come and kill beasts for loot. This is the place to come to become part of a roleplaying tradition. Come and see why time and time again this game is known across the mudding community for its total undiluted intent to be the absolute best experience there is.

Raise an army, be a leader, be feared, be hated, be loved, be unknown, explore distant ruins, control the politics, follow unquestioning into battle, find hidden tribes, run from massive beasts, sneak into homes, steal from the rich, become a hero, become a horror.

Donít be one of 400 people on line with a level 70 that means nothing, join the mud that lets you become part of the world.

If you are a new player to role playing, donít be afraid. I learned here, and after trying every mud that has made any top 20 list I could find over the last 5 years of playing muds.

This is the one I come back to.