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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Reiloth

There is a certain pride one obtains after about a year of playing Armageddon. You realize that most people don't know about it, the people you tell about it become obsessed with it like it was opium, and you can't wait to think up the next character concept.

At least that's my situation.

Armageddon is an incredibly harsh world. You will die. You will suffer, emotionally and physically, from the detrimental harm it will do to your soul.

And you will like. No, you will love it.

I've had sixteen characters over the past year and a half. I stored only one, because I took a break from the game during college and couldn't get back into the concept I thought up for him.

Let me list a few of the important ones.

A burglar, working for an important Noble House. By day, he was an Aide to one of the most important Nobles in the Ivory City. By nightfall, he was a dangerous robber, breaking into people's homes, disposing of bodies, taking care of the dirty work. Caught in a Merchant Houses compound after three successful heists, and murdered by his own people.

A Kuraci Dwarf, obsessed with a single goal. To become the best. He strove for years in the tightly-knit, spice-fiend company of Kuracis, sent on missions through the Tablelands where he fended off horrible creatures called Gith with a single companion for months with no viable source of food or water, except what was found or foraged.

An assassin who roamed the intricate alleyways of the Labyrinth, founding a gang with a few other like-minded individuals in the first few days of his arrival. The gang becomes reknowned, feared, loathed, and even respected.

A wolf-eyed man, brilliant blue eyes that pierced into the hearts of everyone around him. He became a Private in the Militia, learning the ropes of law and order. Eventually, became the Overseer for all new recruits, nearly being assassinated by a hired killer in the ruins of the Old Tuluk. Died in the most incredible way ever, an event I still remember to this day.

This isn't your run of the mill hack and slash MUD.
Again, your character will die. You will be frustrated. You won't know what to do, you might choose to take your anger out on the IMMs and the game itself for being so harsh.

But you'll be back for more. If you want adventure, intrigue, romance, plots, insane stories and mischief, you've come to the right place.

You've come to Armageddon, population: dwindling.