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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by Sato Khaar

Why do I think The Frontier Lands is so great? Because it is all about rampaging across a battlefield in a huge war-machine firing missiles and lasers at your enemy and having bucket loads of fun, well there are  quite a few of us who have fun doing it anyhow, and I hope that anyone who reads this might consider giving it a shot.

The game is a real-time version of the popular board game by Fasa. There are four teams, factions we call them, and you are randomly placed within one of them, and go head-to-head against each other in an effort to try and rule supreme. Its all about combat. It takes a matter of minutes to get powered up and out in the field to fight.

The more fighting the better. You earn experience that you can spend to purchase better mechs or vehicles. Your choice! Mechs, tanks, or VTOL's (a type of helicopter), and even infantry.

Check out the web page. It has all the necessary documentation you need to know, or ask the more experienced players in the game itself. The staff is also very good at handling any questions and your sure to receive a warm welcome.

It's a fun game IMO, and if your looking for something you can spend allot of time on, it's very addictive. So sign up now. There is always a need for mechwarriors!