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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by John Beddingfield

The early and later years of my text gaming life basically consisted of either tickling Beastly Fidos or trudging around in one of the many Midgaards in existance around the internet. Naturally one can only do so much of this before looking for something more interesting.

Enter the Frontier. I see a banner for an internet based, real-time version of Battletech (think 100 ton war machines with big guns) and am instantly curious. Visiting their site, I find a walkthrough to get me started and am going through an assisted training program in no time. Within an hour, I'm out participating in the large fights that rock the battle of Randis IV.

The Frontier sports a completely unique and very sophisticated combat system that is sure to wow anyone used to the monotony of a hack 'n slash game. You have to think and move with your faction mates, shoot, run, jump, fly, and strategize to defeat your enemy.

And what is a game without staff? I have had little trouble getting help with questions and concerns in my year here. Everyone appears to know what they're doing and it has made learning the ropes much easier!

I would strongly recommend Battletech: The Frontier Lands to anyone with a bit of patience and a love for the Sci-Fi genre. The unique combat system, large playerbase, and helpful staff really come togethe r to form a great picture!