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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous

Years ago I played SWSE, it was a very different game back in 2000-2001. It was barely RP enforced, PK's everywhere. Now, well it's hard to PK, and RP? Well it's improved but, there isn't much there.

One thing that has stayed the same? The staff. They are sarcastic, rude, and demand your help. BUT, if you do help them when they are in a helping mood. They bite your head off.

If you say something that irritates them, they shut off your communications. In effect, you are in an RP situation using a communications channel. Your RP ends rudely. You may not talk to staff to plead your case. You are simply gagged. No recourse, noone to appeal to. Just a message calling me a dirty name essentially. I was not allowed to point out to staff that I had attempted several times to politely tell someone something. What I was doing, was telling a newbie, politely, the same thing staff does when the newbie asks and the staff bothers to do their jobs and answer.

The staff is often away, yes two names I believe are basically servers, so that makes sense for them to be AFK at all times. However, 6 staff on. Noone answering a new persons questions. Staff's defense? "Well you don't see all that is going on you are not staff" Nope, I can't see pages, I can't see staff channels. I CAN see the newbie asking the SAME question for 15 minutes straight on a public channels.

Some help.

This game has a history of staff abuse, it's even listed among the reviews here, either abuse or inconsistency.

Overall, good for a few laughs. At this point, not for any serious RP.