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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by WP

Slipping along through the shadowy rubble, the boy shifted his pack on his back once more. The warrens of the city echoed with the chatter of those folks who lived there, but he paid them no mind. His path was south, out of the maze of alleyways into the City itself.

In his pack rested a large budle, wrapped in sandcloth a dozen times and tied with a length of sinew. In the budle was his, and his families, ticket to an easy life, at least for awhile... In the bundle sat a head-sized lump of spice. The good stuff. Expensive it was, exensive enough to cost him his head if anyone found out he was running it.

He was eager to be rid of it, and to obtain the hefty sack of obsidian coins he had been promised, but not so eager as to appear suspicious. As he emerged from the dank, rubble-strewn alleys he noted a few soldiers dawdling about. One of them glanced his way, but he scratched his rump irritably and the soldier looked away, muttering somethign about 'urchins'.

So much the better for the boy, for he was almost to his destination. Ducking around a corner from the soldiers, he began to jog. His bare-feet slapped against the rough sandstone cobbles, and he covered the distance to his destination quickly.

Slinging the pack from his shoulders, the boy knocked twice on the door, waited a few moments, and knocked again. The scrape of the door sounded loud in the silence of the evening, as did the clank of obsidian coins as a massive, hairy-knuckled hand thrust out a large sandcloth bag.

Exchanging his spice-filled pack for the coin-filled bag, the boy thrust the sack inside his shirt and turned on his heel to scoot out of there, very quickly. IT WAS DONE! He had enough coin in this bag to feed his mother and sisters for weeks. Months even. Fruits and meat and flour. And water. That is what would come first, a barrel, mebbe, of the freshest, cleanest water he'd ever tasted....

That was the thought on his mind as the ragged elf stepped from the shadows. The boy paused, but only for a moment before setting off in another direction, away from the elf. Dissheveled he was, and hungry-looking. His almond-shaped eyes followed the lad as he picked his way over a large mound of rubble.

Slipping around a corner, the boy began to run. It was harder, here in the alleys, for debris and things could cut one's feet badly. He still made his way through the detritus quickly, and was almost home-safe when the elf's long, slender fingers closed on him and spun him around.

The red moon's light glinted on the blade of an obsidian knife as he thrust out his hand and spoke a few words in the elven tongue. The boy didn't speak the language but he understood the gesture: Gimme.

He started to protest, but the elf simply slammed him back against the rough wall a few times and held the poing of his blade clower. Dazed, the boy muttered that he had nothing, but recieved only a clout alongside his ear. The blow felled him, and dazed, he lay in the filth for a few moments.

When his head cleared, he was alone. The bag of coins was gone, and so were his dreams of food and water, that clear, beautiful water that he could almost taste... It was -almost- in his grasp.

Rising wearily, the boy started for home, trying to decide how to explain to his mother and the starving faces of his sisters that once again, there would be no food.

And there we go. Hope you like my story. It was inspired by the life and times of one of my favorite characters, and though a few small details have been changed to hold to InCharacter seperation, this is pretty much the way it went down.

For those of you who don't know, Armageddon is an RP-ENFORCED Mud, and in my opinion the best mud of any kind on the internet. The players and staff are all fantastic, and the roleplaying is above and beyond anything you will ever experience.

But, it is not for everyone. If you are interested in 'maxxing' you characters skills, hunting mindlessly, or just chatting about RL things, this probably isn't the place for you. We, at Armageddon, are about building relationships and forging believeable characters and we love it that way.

Hope to see some new faces at Armageddon very soon. If you love to roleplay, and the idea of a savage, ruthless desert world appeal to you, come by and create an account. We'll be waiting.