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Reviews Section

I have been a Medievia player since November 2002. In that time Ive heroed two characters, explored many zones, and participated in many of Meds renowned activities, such as dragonlairing, trading, and hunting for catacomb eggs.

Since I am an older, female player I thought Id write a review from that perspective. Im a 40-year-old professional writer and editor. In school (before personal computers were common at all!) I was an avid D&D player and later enjoyed various tabletop wargames. But friends move away, have kids and so on, and I found Med while looking for a way to enjoy a game without having to arrange some kind of scheduling miracle among my friends.

This game has evolved over more than a decade and is the fruit of much thoughtful labour by many people. There are hundreds of well-written, clever zones full of inventive descriptions, clever puzzles, and interesting opponents and objects. If you are anything like me, you will be relieved and delighted by the (relative) absence of spelling and grammatical errors and especially by the ferocious enforcement of a no-profanity rule on the various channels.

No matter what kind of player you are some people like player-killing, others enjoy quiet exploring, some are competitive and obsessed with stats, others like to lead forms and build clans you will find some part of Medievia absorbing and interesting. And this interest will not end when you hero a single character, because in many ways the game really opens up when you hero, allowing you to set your own goals and make full use of the enhanced skills that come with the hero flag. Med also allows you to start a bloodline and build a whole family tree. And finally, there is always the possibility of making a lasting contribution by writing a zone or participating in some other way at the god level of the game.

Med is well constructed and managed, but of course it would be quite limited if it did not promote a high quality of interaction between its players. Through its clan/town system, structured and supervised communication channels, and everywhere in the game play, you will find that Med supports friendly interaction, communication and cooperation among its hundreds of players.

I was attracted to the game out of an interest in its mechanics, but I continue to play because I have made friends here and look forward to visiting them and working together on the many goals that can be achieved in Medievia. If you enjoy games with fantasy themes but just cant gather the people for a face-to-face experience, Med might be the game for you.