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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Koala

"I am not ashamed to admit that I dream about my characters, or wonder how they would react to an everyday situation." Morninglight

"After I got into the spirit of the game, I realized that it was amazing that you could actually assassinate someone if you needed too." Kazuko Kodo

"Armageddon MUD: A realm of exquisitely precise writing, described in detail that includes the taste and smell and sound of the world in which your character acts." GypsyLass

"Fabulous role-players." Joss

"When (not if) my current character dies, I will weep, grit my teeth, swear never to return and be back staring at the character application within 36 hours at the most. It is that compelling." Frostflower

"The staff is absolutely incredible and diligent in its commitment to the place, the players are phenomenal and sometimes I sit and watch in awe because it is poetry in motion." ShaLeah

"There is no other place like it, none, those who leave, return, and those who can not visit it because of real life, miss it, those of us who sit on Saturdays and wait twelve hours for its return from maintenance, crave it." ShaLeah

"If you have ever played a table-top role-playing game then you should IMMEDIATELY explore the Armageddon MUD website and create a character, this game is a dream come true." Vox

"Armageddon is, in essence, a vast group-told story that never really seems to quit expanding." Clegane

"The flavor, world, and people of Armageddon are so captivating that I'm sure you'll quickly see why this is, in my opinion, the greatest game ever made." FiveDisgruntledMonkeysWit

"My character lie dead in an hour, was I frustrated? No. The intense role-playing, wasn't hard to get into at all, right off the bat I was starting off my own story, I was a different being in a different world, I wasn't focusing on stats or killing tons of animals, I WAS in that world." Anonymous

"By far the most appealing aspect of Armageddon MUD is the immense detail of the world, presenting both delight and horror around every corner." Bushranger

"The reality is dangerous and unforgiving, and even if one thinks that everything is going well, you can never know if someone if plotting your demise." Lorain

"When youíre not playing, you'll wish you were. You're going to think about it at work, tell your friends, tell your family, and tell strangers, tell anyone that will listen. When you're going have Armageddon dreams." jmordetsky

"There are politics, greed, robberies, murder, lies, corruption, betrayal, sex, romance, heroes and villains!" Crownsilver

"Now as an Armageddon player for two years, I see Armageddon as all I could have hoped for and much more as a roleplay environment." flurry

"Armageddon is quite probably the only MUD where role-play and realism are so forceful that it is, in fact, to commit terrible crimes and actually get away with it." Larrath

"I've used and outsmarted people and been used and outsmarted by others, killed and been murdered, been loyal and betrayed, been powerful and totally insignificant." Boggis

"What other game can actually make you feel any emotion?" Thunder Lord

"Can you live with yourself in the end, if you didn't try what is the best-written, most fleshed out, comprehensive, panic-inducing, well-playered, and absolutely absorbing game of any kind anywhere at least once?" The7DeadlyVenomz

"Raise an army, be a leader, be feared, be hated, be loved, be unknown, explore distant ruins, control the politics, follow unquestioning into battle, find hidden tribes, run from massive beasts, sneak into homes, steal from the rich, become a hero, become a horror." Dakkon

"If you want adventure, intrigue, romance, plots, insane stories and mischief, you've come to the right place." Reiloth


Here is my addition to above all (selected from previous reviews):

"I don't think nor believe that there will be ever another game, which can be as complete as Armageddon Mud." Koala