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Reviews Section
A Tempest Season by Imp Loring

Although I may only be a recent addition to the playerbase, I have already become totally enthralled with the amazing qualities that place A Tempest Season among the best and most dynamic MUDs I have experienced.

Still a fledgling MUD, A Tempest Season has one of the most dedicated Immortal Staffs I have ever experienced, with the dynamic coding constantly being updated daily and interactions between staff-controlled NPCs and PCs stemming into some of the most intricate roleplaying I have ever experienced.

For the roleplayer, this MUD, unlike others which may boast of strong roleplaying and yet provide only simple social interactions between PCs, supports a well-developed, completely original world backed by a richly written history. The constantly evolving storyline is incredibly inclusive as does not disregard the lesser players, but bends and shifts constantly as the immortal staff runs almost daily ‘quests.’ These quests incite meaningful roleplaying, can make or break the inter-municipal ties that hold the immense communities and cultures together or even result in death, destruction or renewal, all dependent upon player choices. Furthermore, much is to be said for the players, who, separately and conjointly with the immortal staff, manage to create both an inviting and roleplay-condusive atmosphere for players new and old.

Also, for those who favour the grind of battle or wielding all the powers that the Gaia Tributary presents to mages, the absolutely unique combat system will keep you riveted for hours. The completely reinvented combat and spell casting system is entirely interactive and player-controlled contrary to the automated, rote combat systems employed in cookie-cutter coded MUDs. Furthermore, since no losses are incurred from grouping, combat becomes both a more interesting experience in itself and also can incite further valuable roleplaying opportunities.

Finally though, enough cannot be said for the dedicated Staff at A Tempest Season. They put in countless hours to develop a code and an entire world that is catered to the desires and needs of the playerbase but also facilitates an enjoyable roleplaying atmosphere. If you want to be a part of a MUD where your privilege to be a player walks hand in hand with your privilege to enjoy your MUDding experience, then I strongly suggest you give A Tempest Season a try!