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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Richard Dybalski (a.k.a Salzeir)

After playing H&S muds for 4 years you begin to wonder if there are text-based games that aren't completely about slaughtering large groups of <enter mob here>. You wonder if there are things such as politics and realistic social positions where you can actually make a difference throughout the entire game without needing to bash your way through with a bloodied mace.

One day I was introduced to OtherSpace and I found all that and more. Unlike other text-based games, Wes Platt's OtherSpace has:

-A nearly boundless roleplaying environment that doesn't focus entirely on coded processes and how good your eq might be.


-A unique codebase which allows players much more flexibility in terms of roleplaying situations.

Put simply, anything that you can see/do in real life can be translated into the mud where you dont have to worry about there not being a specific code for what you're trying to do.

Another thing that'll shock you is the amount of attention you get from the staff. Most muds tend to have a very sporadic staff that barely spends any time on its playerbase. OtherSpace is different. :)

Finally, not only is there a rich and ever-building storyline but a bunch of books that effect the entire game written by Wes Platt himself.

All this from a free mud. Almost makes me wish I didn't pay for a few H&S muds that I was part of in the past. At OS, you're among friends. Why not give it a try?