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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Arctic

Realms of Despair, unlike many other muds out there today, does live up to what it says, which is having a gigantic world for players of all ages to explore.
The enviroments, area wise, are rich and full of content without making players feel bored or losing interest, which is a plus for any growing world. Players can decide between wanting to be peaceful and deadly and with a multitude of classes and races  including deadly or peaceful only classes (which adds to the overall gameplay). Realms also has many player run Orders and Guilds, along with a strong RP content for those wishing to submerge themselves into their character.
                The Immortals of Realms, unlike other MUDS, intergrate themselves fully with players offering quests and other events without creating a 'Divide' between player and immortals (the only divide being level). Realms is run for the players and not run as a business, in that respect the players come first with new areas, quests and events being added daily. Players  who can build are also given a chance to submit their own areas to realms or even build live which is a function that is rare to other large scale muds of this nature.
            If you are looking for a fun, richly filled mud with years of both growth and leading technology then Realms of Despair stands out as few can come close to offering such a diverse and rewarding world ranging from the deep seas to the icy wastelands and beyond. The community of Realms is a lively vibrant mixing pot of ideas, dreams, explorations and roleplaying that makes Realms almost come alive as its own entity.
                   Wanting to submerge yourself in an endless growing world where one second you are standing in a grand City and the next running for your life from Fate Banshees? or relaxing at the sea, fishing or completing many quests? Want to be known as a fearless Warrior, Guild or Order Leader or even perhaps Ascend to the heavens themselves? then Realms if for you. One word of warning though, once you enter the growing vibrant world of Realms, it is hard to want to return to reality.