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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by The7DeadlyVenomz

It should be noted, I think, that over the years various persons concerned with their place in the game and with the game's management have either left Armageddon (only to return) or alienated themselves from the playerbase. There are times when the game absolutely seems too strict.

The reason, however, is clarity in perfection.

There are pages and pages of documentation on how to play in Armageddon. Virtually all of it is well-written and it is all informative. There are published guidelines on playing a specific race, on certian elements in the game which demand a proper clarification, on role-play expactation... hell, there is even documentation on pregnancy and who it functions in Armageddon. The game is run so strictly because if one person deviates, everyone will want to 'deviate' from something that is a grassroots in the game world.

Now, perhaps the odd Immortal (who are human, by the way) might overstep a boundery. In most cases, this is dealt with by other staff, who might see the need to explain, reprimand, or ban. Yes, agreed, it's harsh.

But now, if you can not deal with the pain, don't play the game. The best solution is to quit for a while, take a break, and pick it back up later on.

Despite all of this concerning those who do not wish to play following issues, this must be said.

Armageddon is the greatest game in the world, bar none.