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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Dan

Realms of Despair: 4000

I've been playing the Realms of Despair now for 4 years. I stumbled across TopMudSites one day and decided to go ahead and try out the mud in the Number One spot. (Realms of Despair) I'll never regret that decision.
I found myself enraptured with the world of RoD. From Pre-Auth, where I was guided along and taught the basics of the game, to running around dying of thirst until one of the many newbiefriendly players helped me out. It wasn't long before I joined a Guild and began to make some great friendships. I find myself logging every day to accomplish bigger and better things with the help of great people and a great community.
Realms truly does have something for everyone. Our Playerkiller community grows every day, our Orders continue to strive to conquer all they can in the peaceful world, our Guilds continue to be proving grounds and great places for players to make some lasting friendships, not to mention the Newbie Council to keep those great players coming and The Symposium, which exists to keep the game growing and adapting to the current playerbase. In the last month alone, we've gotten two excellent new areas and even more are on the way. The Realms of Despair are growing every day but still manage to maintain a great intimate atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Come by today, you won't regret it. :)