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Reviews Section
FiranMUX by twilightman

Firan at one time was a wonderful and exciting game that I would
have encouraged everyone I knew to come and check out. The players
were great, the staff was unbelievable and the plot was stunning.
Over the past two years or so though that has begun to change and
more often than not, you are dealing with constant angst, problematic
plots and a very, very slow response from the staff.

I blame most of this on staff burn out which the game owners have
failed to address. Its no surprise when you're dealing with 150-200
individual players a week that you would burn out over time but the
players should not be punished for that burn out. However right now
they are being punished for it. For example a time sensitive plot may
require a response from a wizard but due to them all feeling burned out
it does not happen in a timely fashion and your character or someone elses
character is killed/hurt/punished for something that may have been
preventable had you received an answer to your question.

Their own in game statistics which they publish confirm it and show that
the average response time to answer @requests (their question system) has
grown from 2.5 days to over 5 days since January. On a game that relies
heavily upon staff intervention due to the depth of the theme, its almost
impossible to survive without timely responses.

The problem with this is that they're never too burned out to work when
they feel like running a plot to have an invasion happen or have some
building burn to the ground. Its very selective burn out.

Another major problem is the fact that they definetly gear the game toward
the success of staff played characters or characters played by friends of
people on the staff, which I suppose is their right to do as they're running
the game its just disappointing for those not within their inner circle. I
doubt this will ever be addressed and I believe most people just cope with
it now.

For some people these things may not be a big deal and that is fine, for
others they definetly take away from the overall enjoyment of the game.