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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kappakannaka

MY experience wasn't the best.

I found they had a problem, pointed it out, and they did fix it.. see IMM note 529 on thier mud, but all I got for the effort was criticism and abuse from other players.  It didn't take a math giant to see the battle logic was all wonky.

For heavens sake if you want to play in this mud, don't tell them they have a problem.  I got pretty disgusted by the way I was treated and decided to just find another mud.  

I HOPE YOU have better luck than I did in this somewhat snobbish, self-proclaimed family mud. I found some of the IMM's, particularly Pliny to be a bit immature in handling situations.  He made me look like a fool, though he told me later he wanted my help.. Bah!  I was right and found their stupid mistake and they aren't big enough to acknowledge it.