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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Riviat


I wasn't actually on at the time when the discussions about the code problems took place so I can't comment on what was said as I don't exactly know.

However, subsequent events have proven that you were correct in that there was a problem.
Please accept this as official acceptance and acknowledgement that there was an issue which you had noticed before most people including Immortals. I would have done this face to face with you on the mud but read your note saying that you had already decided to move onto pastures new.

Even if no one else bothers to tell you, I appreciate you taking the time to highlight this and I am sorry you felt that you did not feel listened to.

Problems with code can take a while to track down as the coders have to be able to reproduce the problem and then work out exactly what is causing the issue.

We are sorry that you felt unappreciated and that you felt you had to leave but in the circumstances understand your decision.

Good luck and happy mudding.

Immortal of Avatar