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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Melody

This is truly the mud for mudders, idlers and flappers alike.
I've been playing this mud for a couple of years and have found limitless adversity in these realms.
I have been recieved with nothing but kindness and helpful insight from the players and administration.
As for the guilds and the areas.. I have never seen the diversity of this mud equaled by any other. From priests to cyborgs, the range of powers, skills and spells also go unmatched.
I have also witnessed bedazeling ansi pics, generous wiz boons/boosts and an unending addition to the expansion of this humngous mud.
I have participated in an active payer base on many muds, but now consider this my home. I would recomend this mud to anyone looking for a new mud to play and especialy to those who have never played a mud before.