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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Daedroth

Well, let me just say that I dont really enjoy the beginning of this Mud, enough that I don't even want to see the rest...

Reasons why: Ok, newbie academy, good to go. Its once you reach the simulation zones that the game totally loses my interest. First off, the first zone you go to totally blows. I believe its called newbieway or something, totally overused idea.(having the word newb/newbie/any other version of the word newb as part of the name.) Ok, the general idea of the zone is to kill stuff, get equipment, sell it for credits, reapeat as needed until all youre doing is staring at the monitor of your cpu, while your eyes glaze over. Keep in mind that this is just a simulation! You cant take those credits with you into real life right? Wrong. somehow, those simulated credits follow you into real life! Thats just plain unrealistic.

Also, as noted before, nothing exciting seems to happen. This mud has little to no rping, and seems to be over-exaggerating the importance on keeping their quests secret.

All theyre doing is wasting their time changing the quests to stop people from sharing how to start and complete them, when they could be working on more important stuff. People are gonna cheat, its their nature. No matter how many times they change it, someone is going to find out, and share it with all their little friends. This game could have the most extraordinary quests ever, but it seems that the wizards are so intent on changing the quests that most people will never even get to experience them.

Could have a more interesting beginning, and a more realistic one. But hey, I guess thats what happens when theres absolutely no rp...