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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Arakon

I always tried to find an exciting StarWars game where I could roleplay a unique character in the StarWars universe. The first game I found was SWMUD and it looked so promising. But soon I had to find out that RPing is really scarce there. Still I was fascinated about the gameplay, especially because I decided right from the beginning on to become a player killer...

As a player killer I did not have much time to roleplay at all, as enemies and new challenges were everywhere... but there was one thing I liked, the omnipresent risk of death (only if you sign PK, what is optional). This risk gave me some feeling of realism, of being able to perform my sinister roleplay plans one day.

Still I was looking for other MUDs, I wished so much to find a MUD where roleplaying in the Star Wars world would be possible...

I found not many (as most of the times it is only enforced pseudo RP, unless you play a MUSH) and the few RP MUDs I found lacked the exciting gameplay, something I did not want to miss anymore... as I compared them always with SWMUD.

I played graphical StarWars games, dozens of MUDs but the only game I always came back to was SWMUD.
I haven't found a StarWars game so far what could match the complexity of the player killing here on SWMUD where a battle is not just determined by who has the better combat, but as well moving around, sniping, using jedi powers to lift or throw items at the enemy, breaking into enemy ships, striking from the shadows, planting bombs and traps, using ATAT walkers... just to name a few.

Another ascpect I liked alot was the quest system. There are so many quests and secrets you can find and many offer a unique or advantageous item. On most other games, once such an item is known everyone has it... but here as secrets may not be spread freely it only benefits those who actually explore or find other means to acquire them.

Last but not least I want to say that roleplay is not as dead as many think. After playing this game for many years I understood that most people will roleplay with you if you just contact them in a roleplayish matter. If they do not RP just act acordingly. You dont need a serious response to continue your sinister plots (or if you want happy-jedi-plots). I for my part enjoy the freedom that I do not have to RP every single tiny bit and can just relax sometimes. On the other hand I found many who like to RP with me and so many enemies who just do it unvoluntarily...