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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Raukeen

I have played SWMud for over three years now.  If anything, it is very addictive.  The recreation of the Star Wars experience is nicely and meticulously done and there are many amazing planets, space stations, and even asteroids you can explore.  You can ride Banthas, get into an AT-AT battle, buy/sell/make droids, hold an audience with Jabba the Hutt (or his fun-loving cousin Set), find hidden Rebel bases, shoot down Imperial Star Destroyers, learn Sith skills from Darth Vader (or Jedi Skills from Yoda), become a prestigious bounty hunter or assassin, and even recreate the entire Return of the Jedi experience by helping the rebels and ewoks battle against the imperials on the forest moon of Endor.

When I first joined, I thought I had explored several of the core-world systems pretty thoroughly.  Much to my amazement, almost every planet has something hidden beneath the surface.  Shady smugglers and surreptitious shop keepers abound.  Quests and secrets pop up in the most unlikely places.  Now I find out something new and interesting almost every time I log in, and I have been at it for 3 years!  There are still many places I'd like to see and explore, and even playing 1-2 hours a day does not seem like enough time.

The guild system is great.  There is such a variety of skills and abilities that almost everyone you bump into has something or can help you with something you might not be able to do yourself.  It helps build lasting friendships with other players on the mud.  Also, by joining the rebel, neutral, or imperial teams you gain the additional benefits of team support.

I tried PK for several months, and even though I wasn't very good at it, the Clan feature is great and you can't help but get a feeling of camaraderie from your team members.  Plus, the massive battles between rival clans can be a rewarding, although adrenaline pumping, experience.  I will be going back to PK when I have honed my skills more. =)

I have looked at some other muds out there, and I will always go back to SWMud.  Little, simple niceties like room formatting and color use make this mud simply one of the best out there to play.  I'm sure I will put another three years into it and still be having fun!