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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Mudder

A rich world indeed. I have been playing Armageddonmud for over 4 years and each day I find something new and wonderful to explore and deepen my experience. The expectations for Role Play are high and make the game completely engrossing.  If you are the type that likes to take a break from realty and slip into an entirely different world you will love this game.

There are no limits to what your character can do or become. Become a hero, an outcast, fall in love, betray someone, murder a friend, plot a rebellion. The RP opportunities are only as boundless as your imagination.

A dedicated staff of volunteers and helpful players make the steep learning curve a bit less difficult and a strict Karma system rewards serious players with restricted roles.

The harsh desert climate makes play a challenge to say the least and the players of templars and nobles do an excellent job of oppressing the lower class giving the game itís gritty feel.

The only negative I see as a player would be the smaller player base that Armageddon has. With only 60-70 players on at peak times.