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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Mecil

It might very well be that you have had alot of experience with muds but:

I have read what you have written and I can make these comments on that:

1, speedwalking works perfectly fine, moreover RoD is in general the only mud I can connect to that is in north america and still have an ok ping (300-400ms). I have mudded on it for years on a 33.6k dialup modem from a location in the middle of the north atlantic and on nearly all days it is as lag free as I can expect living in such a remote location. Yes there are days routers are bad but they are few and far between.
Sometimes the sprintlink routers go down due to hackers and etc. and then things lag for longer periods of time but the rest of the North American networks lags aswell then. Other days things can grind to a halt when some other major routing system is having problems, these problems are then with all muds and pages along those traceroute lines and not just one single mud like Realms of Despair.


2, you had lag from walking. Realms is coded in the way that you walk slower unspelled then when you are affected by the spells float or fly. Now you might say "how on earth can a level 2 get fly?" and to that I can only say explore the same acadamy you said you spend time in. And after checking its mobiles descriptions, you will find with relative ease that the Avatar of Thoric has a program that casts fly upon you. Moreover in the special newbie land (the area which you are in at level 1) there is an item called "token of a gods affection" which is an earring with affect float.

Now I do not know which of these two where to blame for you having a bad experience lagwise but please try realms again on a normal day and you will find it not lagging anymore then the rest of the internet and mostly a whole lot less.

Secondly corpses decay after 60 minutes and not 30 minutes. If you had a bad day finding CR help it might have been because you where on that day with all the unusual lag and ppl sitting frozen and cursing at their game being laggy. Normally, and yes I speak in generalities, there is alot of help to find on "CRs" so much so that some of the older players want the rules restricted a bit so that people will more often lose items from dying agains mobiles. Currently it happens once in a blue moon acording to many.

As for the people who have replied in RoDs defence before me. You must excuse them but they mostly found your "postulates" to be odd and unreasonable and hence they "assumed" that you where just writing a bad review to dizz RoD. And offcourse the reason can be a bad day, which happens to everyone.

Lastly, next time you die on a lowbie on realms you can type who nc and ask any of those people who show up on that list to assist you. Furthermore you can normally get help on both the "ask", "chat" and "racetalk" channels and if those fail you can ask an immortal to "bodybag" you. And if all of those failed and you in the end had to just see your corpse rott away then you can walk the acadamy over again obtaining a whole new set of "acadamy equipment" which is not too hard even on a naked character or ask  for help in re-equipping over the before mentioned channels and NC'ers

Happy Mudding

//Mecil I'Arahin