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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Goemon

Well, I am one of the few chilean mud players, and I've been playing Realms for almost two years, I can say that Realms is the best All-around Mud i have ever played. Not the best at roleplay, not the best at Pkill, but certainly the best balancing everything. It's also the development ground for the SMAUG code, so updates are very often. It's very newbie-friendly, as there is a Newbie Council that helps newbies as much as they can (they helped me tons of times when i was levelling this and some of my other chars) It allows multiplaying, and Imms have done a lot of work to stop the powerful players to Powerlevel. Yes it's true, they have done some mistakes doing so, like erasing or upping some excelent levelling areas, but that made this mud a challenge to level.
Lag is minimal. I connect to this mud from a very far country (Chile, South America) and the experience is very enjoyable. The player community is very friendly, obviously there are helpful players and not-so-helpful players, but most of them are always there to group with you, go run something, etc... There are Guilds for every class and some Orders where any class can join (If you meet the requeriments, like for Rol Na Feinne you must roleplay, Baali you must be evil, Arcanes you must be a magic using class, etc.) Every race has its own hometown, some are missing, but it's nice anyway. Roleplay is highly encouraged through the nations. Pkill is restricted, so when you start a new character you choose to be a Pkiller or a Peaceful (anyway peacefuls can duel anothers paying a fee of 1mil gold each)
Quests are quite frequent, and Orders and guilds have Inter Order quests and Inter Guild quests. I must say that the only flaws I have seen from this MUD so far is that glory is just too hard to be achieved, but thinking a bit about it that's good, because you just can't achieve glory that easy huh? AND that some of the top equipment from Realms is so hard to get that the mobs are just run by the top players with armies of chars and weapons (so they have the weapons and equipment they're running for, completely killing the "Run for what you need" spirit of mudding) so you must work very very hard to be able to join the Elite runners and get the top EQ. But that gives you more time to spend in this mud, doesn't it ;)

Anyway, I encourage anyone who reads this to give RoD a try. If you want all-roleplay muds, there are some better. If you want all-Pkill-frenzy muds, there are some better. BUT if you want a good balance of those above, friendly immortals and players, challenging levelling, good classes (There are 2 classes that are considered the "super classes", but they can't be so powerful without some potions brewed by mages and clerics, some warrior backup, etc)
and specially, a fun experience, come right away to
You won't regret it :)