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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
Medievia by Crazto

So, this is my second-and-a-half year in the world of Medievia. Disgruntled by the fact that technology outstripped the newest 'pooter I bought like a turtle against an Indy 500 (which is technically how technology grows up), I decided to take a step backwards. To be precise, a forum link did it for me.

And I haven't regretted it. Almost, a few times, but I always came back. Simplicity does have its favours, you know.

Anyway, as it is, I am a fairly new player, not fresh out of the bucket but I've still got a bit of dampness behind my ears. And as a submitter of this review, I will give my verdict.

It's 9/10.


I'll get to the good news first.

First, Medievia is quite wonderful. Really. The world is full of things to spend your time with. Feeling short of money? A little cross-country trading can fix that in a jiffy. Or, you can take on an AutoQuest, running the gamut from your classic fetch game to even running across the entire land. It's fun, especially when you take it lightly.

And under your feet, you have the catacombs. The eggs and roots you can get is a good source of money, and a good way to keep your equipment alive. There are Quests, overseen by a god(dess), and the list stretches to PK Eliminators to Fishing Quests and Scrapple for the casual people.

Of course, you expect this to be over? No, there are creatures. Mobiles who like nothing better than player stew, fresh from the kill, are wandering the area, ready to challenge you. Traders get the extra goody as Mobfactions, ranging the list from trolls to bandits to centaurs, and even a special Hell for them *wink*. People who roam the catacombs get their own horrors to contend with, but as always, the reward is worth the effort.

Of course, if you really don't want to have that kind of life, there are friendly clans. Wonderful towns. The social gathering area, Medlink. Get together, chat, join a clan, rejoice and suffer as the world goes around. Make bloodlines, and smile as your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, whatever, reach the status of HERO, LEGEND, AVATAR, or even CHAMPION/MASTER HERO.

The reason why I knocked a point off this review is because technically, it is a hack-and-slash thing, if you get down to the basics. Attempts of RP'ing have been made, and I appreciate it, but in its heart Medievia's just basically thumping monsters and fellow players upside the head with swords and spells and the best gadgets you managed to scrounge off the beasts of the land.

If you like action/RPG, Medievia's a sweet, sweet chocolate gelato, hidden under the plain vanilla yogurt, and I know I'm one of the gelato lovers *snix*. But for those who like the fun of roleplaying better, I suggest you try looking somewhere else.

R/N: Of course, for the people who want to come after me with knives or secretly agree with me on this review, just say so over e-mail. I've had plenty of knives in my back, so one more wouldn't hurt too much. :P