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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Kaelus

The first thing that struck me when I logged on was how many players there were on. There were a LOT; around 270. I also noticed that the vast majority of them were "Avatar", which is the highest level on the MUD, equivalent to level 50. Only about 60 of the 270 on were less than level 50. What really surprised me was only 7 of those 270 were listed as pk (called "deadly"). Looking through the who list, I saw a lot of characters with very similar names at the same level. Obvious multiplaying, I thought. Well, that's because they allow multiplaying. Not just two or three characters on at a time either, they allow EIGHT characters on at a time, as long as none of them are pk. No wonder there were only 7 pkers on. It made me wonder how many people were actually on. Assuming most of the people are multiplaying, it could be as little as 40-50 people. Not a small amount, but nowhere near the 200+ you think there are when you first log on.

The other thing that turned me off is that botting is allowed. Multiplaying is one thing, but botting? Multiplaying at least takes some skill to pull off. Botting is just plain cheating. I only have a little knowledge of MUD scripting, but even I could write a simple bot. Even if I couldn't, I'm sure I could find someone who could. How could you have a sense of accomplishment when everybody else could all conceivably be botting 8 characters?

I'm not going to say RoD is a bad MUD, as I haven't played much of it at all. But I know a lot of people will be put off by the fact that they allow both multiplaying and botting. Personally, I just don't see the purpose of essentially allowing cheating; on the other hand, it's not my MUD. I'll still be giving it a chance, but it definitely left a bad first impression.