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Reviews Section
Alter Aeon by Galagon

Well to start off I would like to correct some things the Alter Aeon info site says. First off the average amount of players is from 45-60 and the Mud has about 15000-20000 rooms. Now first of all i would like to say this Mud is by far thee best I have played... it instantly has this feeling that makes you want to come back after you play for an hour or two. It is massive has a good playerbase and community and is updated regurly. It is very newbie friendly while still having much for veterans to do. Again the world is huge with thousands of quests and hundreds of thousands of beasts to slay. I doubt anyone has and anyone ever will do everything there is to do... espiacally when it is constanly updated with no stuff. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9.5.. the only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because the Player Killing system is a bit... odd. But rather then that great Game that should be played by all. :)