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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by AnonKank

It saddens me to write anything but a good review for arm as I have been playing for several years. Recently though several players have run into the same problem I have and that is the game has become basically a playground for the imms. They control the storylines recently and if you try to take control of it you will find yourself quickly batted down, fight against it and your character will die pretty quick. It used to be if something like the recent trend happened it was put down pretty quickly, recently though it has just gotten worse. If you report it and mail the staff you seem to get squashed even more.

     Some people would say if you don’t like it don’t play, which makes sense. It is hard though to watch easily some of the best rp I have seen in a mud slowly disappearing as most muds are basically HnS, even the RP intense ones still break down to HnS at some level or another. So obviously I want to try to keep what we had and am hoping maybe this review will get the attention that is needed.

     To close this I will stay say the rp is amazing and the staff is still helpful, I don’t feel their recent actions have been spiteful, just… blissful I think I will use. They don’t seem to realize that the characters are being forced along storylines they aren’t too happy about. One example I can give since he doesn’t play anymore is a two-bit thief that was approached by the games “guild” and made to pay a fine for pick-pocketing in the area. This to me is totally ic if it wasn’t for the fact they asked such a huge amount from a two-bit nobody so his time was basically spent trying to make his payments instead of character development. I know for a fact this character’s player is good at political type roles and his plan with this character was to start a small criminal crew. If allowed to gain some growth with his character he would have made a far more interesting rp environment later as his crew was approached by the “guild” but now his char was forced to work extra hard “since he didn’t log in often he had to make a lot of use of the little time he had” and led to his character dying a far earlier death. I use this example not to say the imms are bad, but they have seem to lost sight of allowing characters to develop a little instead of forcing you into a role right away.