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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Berndt

This is simply the best game of any genre that I have ever played. Period.

Realms of Despair is unspeakably vast, very stable, and well managed. The gameplay dynamic is extremely deep and well balanced. There are thousands of equipment items to find and use to improve your character. Themed, well written areas are available for every level and offer a rich experience that is highly addictive. There are quests, organizations, mob kill, player kill, multiple channels, and a huge player base always willing to help new players.

As the home of SMAUG, Realms of Despair is always improving and running the latest codebase version, which is not available anywhere else. The SMAUG format is intuitive and easy to follow, with extensive help files available on everything you could think of and more.

Whether you are new to mudding, or an experienced player, I highly recommend Realms of Despair. But, be warned, this game is addictive like no other I have ever played!

Thank you,

Berndt out Dizzypatcher