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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Croxin

Otherspace is, by far, the best run MUSH I have ever come across.  It's Admin are highly dedicated, and always open to serious suggestions or even sharing a joke.  The players are all quite friendly, there are a variety of races, the storyline is quite unique..  I hardly know where to start.  They flight system Otherspace employs is HSpace, which I find easy to learn and fun to use, and put to use very well by all the races in Otherspace.  You can apply for a character ranging from a human officer in the alien-hating Guardian Fleet, to a floating crystalline being that has a thing for collecting toenails.  If you want, that is.  The admin do a great job of running the story lines, or Arcs, and run Arc Events to further the storyline.  I just can't recommend it enough for fans of Science Fiction or MUSHers.