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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
Nirvana by Autumn

Of all the fantasy worlds I've played, Nirvana is by far THE most accommodating and intriguing place of them all. Anything you can do in real life you can do on Nirvana.

The player base is long-standing and many of us have been around for years and years (personally going on my 12th year) -- and to me that says it all.

Nirvana has come a long way over the years. Our wizards have busted their butts bring Nirvana up to speed with the times. For being an entirely "free" game, (Boltar runs it off of donations), this game is a never-ending playing tool - that is continuously challenging, diverse, and (most importantly) fun!

I am now, and will always be, eternally greatful to the people who make this game possible. It is my second home (so to speak) and I've met some of the best people in the world during my years of playing.