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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by ian bowater

Having played a large number of muds over the years, I finaly found one called AVATAR.  

Over the last few years avatar has gone through a lot of changes some of em good some of em bad from a players point of view.  But always the changes are to reflect a progressive exciting dynamic mud.  

Avatar if you enjoy a social element has plenty to offer, in quests run by players, immortals or angels. Grouping for fun (frequently for survival is a must),Avatar is huge over 20k rooms, so plenty of scope to explore.

There are at the momment 4 tiers, lowmort(lowmortal tier) which is general percieved as a training tier which progressively gets harder and harder, (in theory) to lead you to my favourite tier, hero. Hero is were you will spend any where between 500 - 999 levels and then you have a further option to morph into a more powerful being called a Lord.  At the lord tier your a defender of the world (midguardia), control huge amounts of power and a force to be reckoned with.
Just recently the coding team have introduced a new tier called legend, which will be a limited Player Kill tier.  

There are tons of different race/class combinations you can try from stock classes to a new type of class that can choose to specialise, for example, (cleric later can have the option to become a druid, whicj is somewhere between a nature priest that can heal and use a bow for large ammounts of dammage).

If you have the patients you may if you choose take an option to rebuild into a different some times race, some times class for example remort into one of the most powerful races on avatar the dragon, or rebuild into a sorcerer (a special type of mage dedicated to pure evil).  Over all the player base on avatar is high, Regretably different time zones appear to fluctuate the numbers if your on a european time zone numbers can be quite low about 10 - 30.  Over all though Avatar is one of the best muds ive ever had the pleasure to play, the staff are friendly, there are plenty of players willing to help with advice, gears and the occassional group death. (when we arent laughing that is).

If you want a mud thats fun to play, has regular quests, people who frequently have a wacky sense of humour, the game play is fluid and dynamic then come play avatar.

If your a person that enjoys rude or bad behavior then you probably will not be welcomed as avatar has a strict code of accepetable behavior, swearing, racial abuse etc isnt tolerated at all, the aim of avatar was to provide a friendly mud were people could play and have fun, yet feel safe, this is strictly enforced as there is no age restriction on anyone playing avatar.

Hope to see you on av and good luck