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Reviews Section
A Tempest Season by Amir

Tempest Season is a good mud, with a great hunting/bashing system, great quest system, and a vast unique world.
I've been playing this mud for a week now and I'm not planning on stopping. That's a record for me since I usually play a mud for a day or two and move on.
The hunting/bashing system is very nice. All week all I've been doing is hunting but I never got bored. Why? Well, the quests that you can request from npcs spices up the hunting/bashing experience. The hunting is not too complex for beginners but not to easy for veterans also. The hunting/bashing is like Imperian's Idras bashing(stances etc.) but somewhat better.
However, it is relatively new. So don't expect it as polished as other games are (IRE Games, Icesus etc.).

At the moment, the playerbase is small and the game needs some tweaks here and there. The game while not great yet, is very promising. Already, it could rival some of the well established muds out there. I'll definitely be staying.

Join us,

Amir Naryana