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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
Nirvana by Hottentot

The very fabric of the mud has rippled and stirred the long distant cords of memory. Over the years there have been many changes both good and bad, but one thing that has consistently remained is the sense of belonging that develops on Nirvana.

Players who have been long dormant rise from graves of inactivity to join the souls plugged in and rejoice at the reception of return. There are parties, passion and the pursuit of happiness when playing within the pack. The text flows from your fingers to the screen and then rejoins your soul through your eyes, creating an exhilarating feedback of enjoyment more powerful than any drug.

The areas within Nirvana span the scope of time from Dinosaurs to Dilithium and the space of quiet corners to massive colosseums. The characters come from all walks of life and parts of the world to join together in a game that transcends the mere nouns, adjectives and verbs that form it.

Come and join us. We'll be waiting for you.