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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Bahamut (deleted)

End of the ages.

When i played Dawn of the ages a few mouths ago.
And it was fun. But in the time it have changed alot
It has lost so mutch good stuff and many great players has left.

But it seems like it's still is falling apart.
I was talking to my good friend Dorgan.
And he said he got deleted becuse he find some bugs. They chould have just fix the bugs...
but they just deleted him and made conjurers weaker. sigh. These day they mostly have 6 players in.

But there is maybe a hope. If the immortals maked  Dawn of the ages like it was when great players like Dekkar played. It was moastly 30 players in    each day then. I will promise you that more players will play Dawn of the ages.
And if some one finds a bug don't delete him/her
just fix the bug. If you don't chose this way you
will end up with no player at all.

It's up to you Immortals change the mud or lose  the mud. Don't try to see this negative i am just helping you too get more players :)