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Reviews Section
A Tempest Season by Amir

I wrote my last review days after I created Amir in A Tempest Season. I now write this one a month after.

ATS is a mud like no other. As I've said previously, the mob hunting and questing system is superb. However, there is more to that. ATS is an RP-enforced MUD, and when they say RP they really mean RP. Whatever you do in the game(quest, bash, idle, hunt) will affect the coarse of the game somehow. Here in ATS, players really make a difference.

In ATS, there is something for everyone. Tired of being forced to choose a specific class? Then RP what you want and the staff will make you your own  unique class. The possibilities are endless and the only requirement is that you RP whatever you want to happen.

The staff is great. Only in ATS did I experience the owner of the game welcoming me after creation. What's more, the staff listens to the players. From skills to history to just about anything within the game, the staff asks first the opinion of the players.

ATS is still new and like every other game, it has some bugs and typos. But the experience itself outweighs any problem you may encounter.

Come to ATS and you may never go back.