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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous

I have been playing on this game for a while, and it has been through many ups and downs. From an immortal coup in which several immortals were fired for very poor reasons, to the server crash, character wipe and stat boosting item wipe, this game has been through a lot of poor decisions and poor administrative choices. The head immortal, Caspian, vanished without a trace in the middle of his own RP storyline and has not come back yet. Subzero has had to manage the entire thing on his own, and while he's away at work, Drake and Darrik tear things up and cause more problems than they solve, and then you've got Talya, whom nobody likes because she treats everyone like they are dogs. Even after Caspian made his not-so grand exit, the game continued to be fun, however, after we lost the server due to our host being in legal trouble, Darrik practically took control of the entire game and decided he was going to "Fix the economy" by having a character wipe, meaning a massive deletion of each and every player file on the MUD. To make matters worse, he decided to eradicate any item that boosts stats, from Infrared Goggles that let a person see stealthed people to Shenbit Bonecrusher armor which gave a boost to armor class. To make things worse, they removed the only thing that added depth to the engineering system: different kinds of layered armor. They removed all of the extra fabrics and replaced them all with only four different types, making it so that combat was useless unless you were a forcer. Funny thing that both Darrik and Drake have forcers huh? Oh, I forgot to mention, there is no bounty hunting guild either and any RP bounty hunters aren't allowed to kill their mark. Until the leadeship changes, I'd stay away from this mud. I know I do.