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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Hammer

A solid, engaging Mu*.  I first wandered in around december 2004, and remember not being immediatly drawn in, almost overwhelmed by the complexity of the story.  I flittered around for a few months, and then, I seem to have found my groove.  The storyline is simple, a culmination of many of Science Fiction's quirks, given a Space Opera flair through the use of wide, galaxy-shaking events known as arcs, and the welcoming home feeling of steady, solid roleplay from a cast of players that are dedicated, amusing, and simply enjoyable to be around.  

The staff is amazing, you can almost always find someone on, willing to help when and how they can, and most can help plenty.  Reasonable suggestions get reasonable responses, and so far, have seen little changes in that regard.

Several systems are set in, most to assist in roleplay, instead of get in it's way.  A streamlined +trade system, OSpace ship stuff, comms, stuff like that.  Helpful, but not necessary to enjoy yourself.

The strength of the Mu* though, is the aforementioned players and staff's ability to create events without falling into Endless Loop syndrome, trying to top themselves, falling into mediocrity in the process.  They keep a complex story complex, but not so much that it's foundation breaks apart underneath it.  Come try it out, take a look, and If you give it a chance.. you won't be disappointed. I know I haven't.