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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kevin Jagh

* :)

Created by a man who has spawned what is now this 6th Ubercon... and his mud isn't even in the top 20 right now, nor ever in the top 10 or 15 for years.
* a) Not many people can claim this to begin with... Are you walking the walk sir/ma'am?
* b) UberCon btw is :)

Page two news. A long time ago, this mud ranked #1 often.
* This is news? We all already know this.

But now, long-awaited Legend code was finally put in after years of being overdue, just to be broken and pulled out immediately, which is sad, because all other development is gone by the wayside, and there's so many things that desperately need fixing, and the new Legends have nothing to do but waste away.
* Trust me, we're as frustrated by our bug as our players are - it's holding up Rangers, Matrices and Insignia for me alone, let alone the Devastant code mods, Pliny fixes, and other Design adds.

Average counts are far below one hundred - usually 70ish - and only peak above that when multiplayer is turned on during hogs.
* Only 70. Lemme go shoot myself. Oh wait, I remember what I'm supposed to say here... "counts are low". :)

Some say these are the dedicated people who don't want to leave.
* I agree, except for the new people coming in.

At least though we don't claim 500 people online at all times when really half or most of them are AFK *sideglance Aardwolf*.
* Um, thanks for the backhanded compliment, but I have always held respect for Aard.

People are made Imms when you cannot figure out the slightest logical reason why, since they aren't very effective like they used to be (most of the GOOD ones are gone).
* Rofl. We got complaints 12 years ago about Imms, we get complaints today. Which were the GOOD Imms please? :)

* Back at you.

This mud has lost its vast popularity and just doesn't seem to get it back - because nobody demonstrates it, or seems to want to.
* Dude, don't you think it's time to move on? :)