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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by A curious player (reply)

and his mud isn't even in the top 20 right now, nor ever in the top 10 or 15 for years.
* a) Not many people can claim this to begin with... Are you walking the walk sir/ma'am?
* b) UberCon btw is :)
Page two news. A long time ago, this mud ranked #1 often.
* This is news? We all already know this.
>>Nay, good sir. I apologize for vagueness. What I meant is from the player aspect of not showing their love, keeping us on page two. I didn't mean that *YOU* didn't care. I meant that you do an awful lot for a playerbase that's going downhill and cares less, and I hope Ubercon eventually becomes your way of living like you want it to.

* Only 70. Lemme go shoot myself. Oh wait, I remember what I'm supposed to say here... "counts are low". :)
>> *grin* I know. But I fondly remember 150 constantly. I wish it was that way sometimes again. You should see counts late in evening westcoast time.. it drops to 15-20ish

Some say these are the dedicated people who don't want to leave.
* I agree, except for the new people coming in.
>>It's us dedicated people that don't want to see this place to die. The players that have entered in the last couple of years... leave a lot to be desired (me first, screw you attitude).

At least though we don't claim 500 people online at all times when really half or most of them are AFK *sideglance Aardwolf*.
* Um, thanks for the backhanded compliment, but I have always held respect for Aard.
>>Eh.. sorry.. what I meant is that I prefer our tight-knit group. Aardwolf.. well.. any mud that lets you "buy" ultra-twinky gear with a few questpoints that are relatively easily had isn't all that fun or challenging I think, especially if you get to keep it when you're level 1 again.

(most of the GOOD ones are gone).
* Rofl. We got complaints 12 years ago about Imms, we get complaints today. Which were the GOOD Imms please? :)
>>Mega, Reuben, Domovoi, Sheridan, PPC. :)

This mud has lost its vast popularity and just doesn't seem to get it back - because nobody demonstrates it, or seems to want to.
* Dude, don't you think it's time to move on? :)
>>See first paragraph, Kevin. Nobody votes anymore unless a freakin hog is offered for ransom. How sad. I've been here 10 years, and many Lords especially bitch and moan when I sorely wish sometime everyone was reset to level 1 so they could remember how hard it really is and really have something to complain about and not have things handed to them when they cry for it.
Ok, I'm done I guess. This was supposed to mainly be a kick in the pants to the players. It seems 80% of them are useless, beggars, and think of themselves. That's not what Avatar is about. Avatar is about a community that cares about the good of others so that the unit as a whole can be good. I want new players to experience more than "You're not a 101+ war/arc, so you suck", because it *is* there, it's just squelched a lot. That negativity is what needs to be squelched, and that will take effort from players and Staff alike because this really is a fun place to be. I wish I could help more, but I guess I'm HMP for that to happen. I do wish you would have replied to my email though about my email of a critical situation about language and decency. I don't always say things right myself, but I mean well.