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Reviews Section
ChaosMUD by Ruffle

Although ChaosMud is fairly new, only some years old, it's already beginning to feel like it has been here longer. The advanced coding makes the playing comfortable and enjoyable, one of the many thing why LP muds are so popular in general.

You will find your favorite guild combinations from several mainguilds and their subguilds, each of them having something special about them.
-Rangers with their animal companions, bows and spells.
-Necromancers with the powerful minions and spells.
-Legion using their powerful offensive attacks.
-Infantry of Bhrech protecting the partys front.
-Elementalists using different elements as weapon.
-Believer replenishing the wounded soldiers for battle.
-Abjurer auras weaken the enemy and protect their own allies.
And some more which you will have to find out...

Besides the nice gameplay system, you will find Chaos very friendly environment and relaxing way to spend your time.