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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Dakkon

Just like when you walk into a library and see row after row of books lining every visible location, the search for quality in a mud might seem to be just as arduous. There are hundreds to choose from, with locations and styles that range as widely as the books that we read. Each one takes a little time to really understand, to really get into, and that leaves a lot of places, peoples and adventures that will never get that chance.

So how do you choose a book? Mudís donít really have covers like a book, they have a few numbers out there for you, regular player base, number of classes, number of races, etc. Are these really the things that you should choose a mud on?

The same way that an average looking book can hold within the pages an experience that you will never forget, so does Armageddon. Itís not just a mud where one comes to watch devastating hits slay glob monster after glob monster. Itís a story, an experience, and a community that survives on the edge of gritty death.

After years of mudding through all types of genreís, both as a player and a staff member there has never been a place where the sand blowing across the horizon could feel so real. Where the change of winds on your screen could mean death for your entire group as the storms rise and blank out the world with their desiccating fingers.

Challenges lie everywhere. In the cities, in the wild, through politics and through swordsmanship this mud is an entire living breathing and changing plane of existence.

Donít be fooled by the cover, we donít have ANSI. We have a world as detailed as they can come. A role-play standard that makes the people alive, the cities a striking buzzing mass of cultures, the wilds a dangerously intense and often last resort for survival.

You can never get the same feeling chopping up one Fido after another as you get when alone and separated from your group you struggle to hide in caves as bands of roaming gith stalk across the dunes. Or perhaps this time itís been one of the huge and rare beasts that are almost certain death, bounding towards you while through a series of quick moves you barely escape with your life.

Your heart will pound in your chest, your fingers will shake, because if this char falls, he doesnít loose 200 xp and come back in town. He stays out in the sand, lifeless. This is Zalanthas, thisÖ is Armageddon. This is why even with a smaller player base then some; we are continually at the top ten of the Mudding world.

If you have, or havenít given Armageddon a try before, take some time and set up a chance to experience it today. Create a life on this mud, and see just how long you can survive in a living place that will grow to become as lasting and intense as the most brilliant of fantasy books out there and will never be limited by anything other then your imagination.