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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by Devon McQuaid

Frontiers is by far one of the most intense games I've ever played (not just going MUDs/MUXs/etc).  While there is something of a steep learning curve at first, the basic controls for piloting a unit (be it a battlemech, a tank, or one of the various other combat units available) are relatively easily learned.  However, the complexity of the game leads to extremely interesting combat, wherein actual military tactics begin to play a roll in the ongoing war between the several factions.  While you do gain experience, and ranks (which could be considered the "levels" you might gain on a normal MUD), this is about as far from a hack-n-slash game as you could possibly get.  From the textual hexmaps giving you a realtime view of the surrounding terrain, to the status readouts of individual combat units, this game is incredibly ... well, pretty :)  You'll find yourself becoming a valuable member of a warring faction in an ever-raging war over control of the planet and its many resources.  I've been playing this game for several years now, and I'll say once again ... there is *no other* game I have *ever* played that offers the degree of strategy and tactics that are inherent in this game.  So come join us!  We're always looking for fresh recruits!